Selected Works of Miguel de Unamuno, Volume 6: Novela/Nivola

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To cite this article click here for a list of acceptable citing formats. Marble, mainly from the Evora District, was the most valuable of the stone products. Square-toed, high-heeled shoes with rosettes replaced boots. This, coupled with the so-called "Protestant Wind" that blew the Spanish ships through the English Channel, resulted in the Spanish defeat. There was al so “Hate Week.”� Winston saw through the game being played, but could not afford to appear a disobedient member of the herd, so Winston “voluntarily” contributed to the Hate Week fund.� The planner of Hate Week in Winston’s neighborhood planned to drape the local “Victory Mansion” in huge flags for Hate Week. [405] � “Terrorist” bombs went off regularly, killing many, but the mess would be cleaned up and spark further flag-waving furor, and Goldstein was burned in effigy. [406] � A nybody who did not wave their flag as fervently as possible became suspected of being a subversive and could be treated with the utmost harshness.� Just as Sec retary of Defense Rumsfeld announced that the War on Terror could take generations, the strategy of Oceania’s ruling party was having a continual, never-ending war.� One closet “skeptic” of the ruling party propaganda thought that the "terrorist" bombs were really launched by the ruling party, “just to keep people frightened.” [407] � Inflicting the most heinous atrocities onto the enemy was heroic, but evil when done by the enemy to “our side.” [408] � Orwell called orthodox “thinking” a form of unconsciousness.� Oceania’s big, exciting cultural event was the lottery, which was the only time that the masses demonstrated much intelligence, as they prayed for their numbers to come up and performed amazing feats of memory and mental skill.� For the working class, they were so dumbed down that sophisticated mind control techniques were not needed for them.� They just shuffled along and did their jobs while pumping out babies.� The story always told was that everything was better than ever, and nearly everybody accepted it as fact.� Sophisticated mind control was used to control the minds of the educated class.� Just as Ronald Reagan called a nuclear missile the “Peacekeeper,” a slogan of Oceania’s ruling party was: "War is peace.”� The mental state the people were to be kept in was “controlled insanity,” as most words were completely inverted in meaning, so that the Ministry of Truth disseminated lies, the Ministry of Peace was really the war department (just as the U.

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