Sites of Memory : Perspectives on Architecture and Race

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In this work the main character is the colour, and the colour is devoted to one end: a violent and emotional expressiveness which overrides everything else, and seeks only to provoke in the spectator a thrill of horror and grief comparable with that which shattered the men and women who helped to lift Christ from the Cross and bury Him. In addition, each person is unique and unrepeatable, and while theoretically, an architecture critic should analyze buildings according to certain key points, such as functionality, style, building materials used, environment, context and aesthetics (I insist, I have doubts whether this last point should be included or not), why analyze / criticize the work of architects as if we were all made by the same mold?

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Publisher: Princeton Architectural Press; 1 edition (March 1, 2001)

ISBN: 156898233X

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And he had grown up at a time while bourgeois family clutter—heavy, complicated gilt-and-plush furnishings; knickknacks everywhere—was usually so outrageous that an severe revulsion opposed to it within the type of militant bareness and lack of decoration was once comprehensible, notwithstanding now not unavoidably laudable (the diametrical contrary of an outrage is much more likely itself to be an outrage than to be an answer to it) , e.g. finally we're left with the influence that Hansen doesn’t like Schipperheyn’s sculpture and thinks its kitsch, and so it follows that the paintings of ARM has to be kitsch also. This strange angle, extra reminiscent of that of a gourmand than a cultural commentator, supplies Hansen the licence to load up the venture with a free choice of personality crimes Parametricism’s standards frequently contain the creation of practical results. even though it turns out − in a lot of the paintings I’ve noticeable − less significant in perform than the creation of recent expressive kinds, the fulfillment of novelty, the pursuit of subtle vocabularies of form, and the elision of strategies of layout and fabrication, I strongly think that the potential for developing acute and variegated architectural and concrete responses to questions of sun entry, air flow, view, privateness, flow and different basic − and measurable − parameters of architectural good fortune, really in instances of huge city aggregations of constructions, is a surely vital frontier to be pursued at complete bore ref.:
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