Andres Gonzalez de Barcia and the Creation of the Colonial

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The Genoese bankers provided the unwieldy Habsburg system with fluid credit and a dependably regular income. With eastern North Am erica bereft of its native population, and the genocide of the West Coast’s natives well underway, there was only one region still “unsettled” by the white man: the mountainous, desert-like interior of the American West and the Great Plains north of Oklahoma.� The beaver pelt trade collapsed in the 1830s as the fur trade finally encircled the world.� Gold was discovered in the Rocky Mountains in 1858, and Denver was established in 1860.� Black Kettle’s Cheyenne tribe welcomed the white men, but no matter how warm the welcome, the “pioneers” were bent on collecting scalps, which led to the outrageous Sand Creek Massacre in 1864 .� The “pioneer” press went delirious with joy at each new massacre .� The “frontier” Americans cheered the slaughters the loudest .� The “noble pioneer” archetype of the American settlers is a fabrication .� Few seem to want to remember the truth, however, at least in white America.

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