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I lived in Da yton and worked at a bank's headquarters in a small town named Wilmington.� Nearly 100 people worked at the headquarters.� When the bombs finally started dropping in January of 1991, the office virtually erupted in cheering.� The USA had fabricated its "coalition" by bribing and threatening nearly all nations involved; forgiving billions of dollars of debt for nations that joined the coalition (for instance, Egypt, $7 billion, the former Soviet Union, $4 billion), and threatening aid cutoff and vengeance to those who did not. [282] � The region where Iraq resides has one of the world's richest histories.� Iraq is in the region known as the Fertile Crescent, where a series of events led to what is called civilization.� Sumer is the earliest known civilization, established about six thousand years ago, sitting largely between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.� Succeeding the Sumerian civilization was the Babylonian civilization, which in its turn rose and fell.� The region has seen civilizations and empires rise and fall for the past six millennia, as the lands and people passed from empire to empire, and names such as Assyria and Mesopotamia described the region at times.� The rise of Islam during the seventh century CE eventually brought the region under theocratic control, with the mixed blessings that theocracies have always conferred.

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